Payment Info

Contract & Payment Options

Turfmatters, LLC has developed a lawn care contract in order to specify services being offered. Our lawn care contract must be signed in order for us to meet state DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) requirements regarding pesticide applications. Support materials, pesticide labels and your contract will be emailed to you. The labels and contract are required by the DEC and the support materials have been developed to help clarify our services.

Prepaying - Your contract price can be paid in full at the start of each season. You still maintain the right to cancel your contract at any time, for any reason throughout the season. You will be given a prorated refund based on the services not yet performed.

Payment Plan - If you are not comfortable paying for the season’s work up front we also offer a payment plan option. The first payment is due with the signing of a contract or by April 1st for returning clients. The second payment is due on August 1st. Payments are due on designated dates in order to insure our ability to preorder and prepay for materials enabling us to guarantee our prices for the season.

Returning Your Contract (paperless & digital signatures) - We have a digital signature option for contracts through Adobe Sign. You can sign in seconds! Open the email, choose your signature, click apply and the signed contract is forwarded to Turfmatters as well as your inbox.

Invoicing - During pesticide applications we will leave yellow posting signs on your property. After every service we will knock, call, e-mail or text to discuss the application. If you need to be called prior to an application let us know. Otherwise, refer to the date ranges included on your contract. By waiving your right to notification prior to an application you make scheduling applications infinitely easier as we are constantly contending with weather and routing.

Guarantee  - Your total satisfaction is our primary objective. Just as a doctor cannot guarantee your health and wellbeing we do not promise a green lawn. We promise a healthy lawn that will have its ups and downs based on weather conditions, pest pressure, grass variety, sun and wind exposure, type and depth of topsoil, frequency, timing and amount of water, mowing practices (including height and frequency), tree cover and root competition, and other key factors.