We have used other lawn care companies, but we like TurfMatters the best. What makes Dan different is that he provides personal service to his customers, and he tailors the lawn program to  our needs (we prefer to minimize the use of pesticides). Every lawn is different, every customer isdifferent. Dan’s work is at the individual lawn level and not one program for the masses.

Jon & Nora S.
LaGrangeville, NY

I have tried various lawn care companies, always with disappointing results and hefty price tags. In the past two years since Dan began caring for my lawn, there is a noticeable difference and I could not be more pleased. Specifically, the quality of his services is unsurpassed at very affordable prices - my lawn is healthy and I have received so many compliments. In addition, Dan is a pleasure to work with.  He is always professional and available to answer any of my questions/concerns.  I look forward to many years of working with Dan.

Janet B.
Wappingers Falls

Thanks for keeping our lawn looking great! 

Tom & Pam G.
LaGrangeville, NY

We have used Dan Nolan for many years, unfortunately at one point Dan had moved on to seek new business ventures and our lawn suffered dearly as did we. We had used several different companies to care for our lawn with very disappointing results. But now he is back and we couldn't be happier!! Upon Dan's arrival to assess our lawn he found a severely damaged lawn, but within two months we saw a drastic difference, now our lawn is beautiful and getting better with each treatment. Thanks Dan.  

Patti & Dan R.
Wappingers Falls, NY

Dan Nolan cared for my lawn with complete turf care for many years. Dan is most professional and punctual. I always could depend on him to do an outstanding job. My lawn was in poor shape before Dan, and I had others, supposedly, doing turf care. Right after Dan began his program of fertilizing, weed control, grub control, lime, seeding and aerating my lawn turned a beautiful color of green. The grass became thick and luxurious. There weren't dandelions or crabgrass to be found. I had many compliments on my lawn. Dan has an impressive array of machinery to do the job correctly. He was always available to answer my questions. He is an expert in the lawn care business. I would recommend him enthusiastically!

Gene B.
Poughkeepsie, NY

Dan cared for my lawn for 10 seasons. Our lawn looked like it won the lottery. Dan was always knowledgeable, reliable and committed to giving a fully professional service; we never had to worry about our lawn care. Dan did everything needed to keep our lawn looking fabulous while being attentive to safety concerns. We were the envy of the neighborhood. If I needed to speak with Dan I was able to do so while he was at our home or we phoned him and he responded immediately. We are delighted that Dan is back and recommend him without hesitation. If anyone considering service from Turfmatters would like to discuss things further feel free to contact Dan for my phone number.

Ann Marie S.
Brewster, NY

Dan Nolan cared for my lawn for 4 seasons. I felt that the lawn was the best it had ever been. Root structure established so well under Dan's care that even in drought the lawn stayed green. I had no doubt that Dan was committed to quality safe applications. He would always tell us when it was safe to let our dogs back on the lawn, usually within 24 hours. With Dan actually doing the applications I knew it would be done right! We never had over-spray issues where landscaping was damaged. He also core sampled the soil and tailored a program to meet the needs of our lawn. Whenever I needed to reach Dan I could leave a message knowing he would return the call that day.

Neil M.
Millbrook, NY