The Turfmatters difference...

Fertilization – Proper fertilization, watering and mowing high and often with sharp blades are the key to a healthy lawn. Combine these with turfmatters fertilizer, good topsoil and plenty of sunshine and we are sure you will be pleased with the results. Turfmatters incorporates high quality slow release nitrogen into every bag of our custom blended fertilizer. This provides more consistent feeding. We use phosphorus free granular fertilizers that include nitrogen and potassium for root growth and hardiness. Our fertilizer also includes iron, and according to our supplier is the highest quality fertilizer they have ever been asked to blend!

Weeds - are a constant battle. Some such as veronica, ground ivy, violets and nutsedge are not very common but can, in some conditions, become a problem and may need special attention and treatment. Also, crabgrass is very persistent and at times maybe visible in your lawn most commonly around the perimeters. With the exception of nutsedge the treatment for these problems, should they occur, are included in our programs but results cannot be guaranteed. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction and we will work with you on all of these issues should they arise. As the health and quality of your turf improves under our care we will reduce our blanket applications of herbicides through monitoring and spot treating weeds. We ask for your patience and tolerance of an occasional weed or pest problem that may crop up. The reality is that through spot treating it is much easier to miss the occasional small weed. The resulting environmental responsibility far outweighs the inconvenience.

Core Aeration & Overseeding - Aeration benefits turf like exercise benefits your body. Properly timed and regular aeration helps reduce the potential for disease, fungus, insect damage and draught stress. In some cases it can even prevent these problems from developing. Core aeration or oxygenation is the process of removing cores of soil to relieve compaction and to allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots. This promotes root development and healthy roots are critical for any healthy plant. Core aeration also stimulates microbial activity and keeps thatch under control which translates into a much healthier and better looking lawn. Overseeding during the fall core aeration process adds to the overall thickness and beauty of your lawn and is an effective way to introduce new cultivars of grass seed into an older lawn. The core aeration & overseeding service is not included in our programs, however, it can be added to any program for an additional fee. Try to include it annually if it's within your budget. The balance between aeration and seeding is left to our discretion. Thicker and healthier areas of turf may receive extra aeration, less or even no seed during the aeration and overseeding process. The general time frame for this service is late August through November.

Disease & Fungus - Over use of some controls, especially fungicides and sometimes insecticides can make a lawn more dependent on treatments and pests more difficult to control. We do not included fungicide applications in our programs. They can be offered at an additional expense but are rarely a necessity and are not recommended on home lawns. Disease and fungus are always present in turf. They come out based on moisture, humidity and stress. As environmental conditions change and sound cultural practices continue turf usually recovers on its own. Mowing lawns high can help mask some unsightly fungus issues should they arise during stressful periods throughout the season. We have been providing top notch service since 1996 and have seen plenty of fungus. We have only treated two lawns with fungicides and the applications were only moderately effective.

Soil Testing & Liming - If your lawn is not responding well to our program we will suggest a complete soil test to determine pH and more specific micronutrient needs. The proper pH of your soil should be in the range of 6.0–7.0 to insure the greatest availability of nutrients to the grass plants. Generally, pH needs to be increased with the spreading of limestone in our area. Liming materials supply calcium and sometimes magnesium to the soil. Included in our primary custom fertilizer is a micronutrient product in place of lime that supplies calcium. Magnesium is blended into our late season custom fertilizer as well.

Slice Seeding or Power Seeding - is the process of slicing through existing grasses and dropping seed into the soil. Seed must come into contact with the soil in order to germinate and grow successfully. On unhealthy or damaged lawns you tend to get a higher germination and thicker results than with aeration and overseeding. However, you don’t get the benefits of aeration. If the turf needs complete renovation slice seeding is usually recommended. Slice seeding is not included in any of our programs but is available at an additional expense.

Every program includes:

• Slow release custom blended fertilizers with potassium and iron.

• Double applications are made for more even coverage during heavy rate fertilizer applications.

• Two applications of our custom blended preemergents to reduce germination rates of crabgrass and broadleaf weeds.

• Season long grub control.

• Broadleaf weed and crabgrass spraying as needed during applications.

• Reduced pesticide use through monitoring and spot treatments.

• Owner/Applicator hands on service with over 25 years experience in the Hudson Valley.